Download Aion Cataclism 5.3 ( For those who get error download 76% , or other problems )

The last days I was trying out Aion Cataclysm and I got a lot of question from people who got problems of the download . Many of them said that when trying to download it with the Torrent , the download it stops at 76% , others said that the second method of the download ( with Yandex ) it's very slow .

One of my Aion's friend got the same problem , so I decided to upload it to ( One of the fastest download websites ) , so he can download it '' This is for you Pascal " . Well why not to share it with the community . If you're having the same problem , you can download it from the Aion's patch I linked bellow .

Please ! Attention !  The password are : Akhilleus         #NOTE ! Is ''Akhilleus'' NOT ''akhilleus''

Link of the download:

Aion Cataclysm Uploaded to Mega

Make sure that the official way don't work for you , than try to download it from this Mega link . The link of the official site are the following :

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