Aion Legend # Glory Points for Arena of Chaos & Arena of Disciple changed ( 17 August 2017 )

Arena of Chaos vs The arena of Disciple:

     Aion legend has announced that some changed has been takes for the arena ( solo arena ) and the Chaos arena . The value GP ( glory points) gained from them has been changed .

     Before the arena of disciple ( 1vs1 ) was giving one amount around 40GP , now it's gonna be lower . However the rewards from the arena of Chaos has been increased , getting the 3er place are giving more GP than the arena of disciple .
     Well from my point of view that not a big changed , but a very positive change because this gonna encourage people to try out the Arena Of Chaos . Very interesting arena of survive , ( 8 people , All vs All ) , hard way to get the first place , that's why wasn't so logic to make one apply for this Arena getting the same reward .
     Now even getting the last place ( getting AFK for example ) , you gonna get GP . Well that can encourage people as well to apply in this arena and not make others be waiting so long to get the entry .
     They also announced about the arena ( 3vs3 ) , and that's gonna very interesting . Well at the least for me , that's mean I'm going to got more ways to get the GP from , not only doing sieges ... 

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