Aion Legend DPS meter . AION RAINMETER 2.7 ( Now is available )

As everybody know , Aion Legend got one Hack Shield who block almost any opened program like : Shugo Console , changing the angle of view , unlocking the FPS , changing the voice , etc ( even if you can do it , you can get banned ) .

But it's look like the developer of ARM makes it work with Aion Legend and not get blocked or detected by the HackShield .
That's a good point for the people who care about the dps and to control the dmg of the party . Others care about the rotation skills of other .
Anyway one of the ''Forum Master'' confirm that the ARM 2.7 is legal and there's any problem using it .  You can check the image below :

If you want to download the AION RAINMETER 2.7  , please check the website of the developer :

I take no credits of AION RAINMETER 2.7

For more information , please contact the developer of Aion RainMeter .

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