4 news servers in GameForge ? The wost news I have ever heard ! My honest opinion #Sad

     4 news servers in GameForge ? WTF ? Already after the 5.0 more than 25% of the players stoped playing ... I just wanna know:

-What is the objective from making 4 new servers ?
-Starting from 0 in GameForge ? From 0 to the 75 , just think about it I feel lazy ...
-New server for Poland people ? Hahahaha REALLY ?!! There's not even 100-150 Polands playing Aion , what is your purpose ? Make people buy the Gold Pack ?
-How it's gonna work the arena and others PvP instances ? Vs other people ?
-There's any special reward for this people trying out this crazy idea of the new servers ? At the least some bonus +100% or +200% of experience boost from 0 to 65 ....

     I still don't know why people do not want to wake up . The 5.6 it's 100% pay to win , or you gonna need to live in the game , 6-8h daily playing ... Even doing this , the 5.8 gonna came out soon again , and you gonna need to be like a bot to get the new gear , so you will never enjoy this game , you're be exactly like a bot ( at the least the bots sell kinah and get real money ) , not like the people who spend thousands of euros to get virtual things in the game . I'm gonna be honest , I could have done the same ( ok maybe not spending thousands euros ) but much if I just was going to find other really good players and really nice geared . The people who donate that much money are just making unbalance for the new comer players . I saw much of them that don't even know the basic knowledge of them class , but got all at the maximum enchantment in all the server . Before was possible to kill them , because even with one really high gear ( I'm talking when the maximum level was 65 ) , because was more balance , less HP and reasonable damage .

     All the things that you need now to get up to the patch you gonna have to farm like I have sad before ( 6h every day ) , and you find them in the shop ...

-Enchantment stones and Omega stones
-The rate of enchantment of accesories are really low
-Just NOT POSSIBLE to make all the gear at +20 ( I have spend over 15kkk just to make 1 part +20 and I could not )
-All people playing after the 4.8 with the gear < +20 , honestly they are not playing Aion . There's no balance , some magical classes got low magic boost ( do to the low level enchantment ) and HP as well .
-Estima : Just tell me honestly : DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU CAN MAKE x6 STIMAS +10 ? Without donate ! When I saw that & the braclet +10 gives 6 slots of manastones , I did not though about it to much to leave the game .

     I could be writing other 5 pages , of the reason to leave the official server , but I'm going to the conclusion . Please think about it carefully ( and honestly ) before commenting or take any decision :

Do you really think that you got the time to make :
x6 Estima +10
x1 Braclet +10
x7 accesories +5 ( or more )
level up to 75
Get the gear +20
and try to enjoy the game as well at the same time IN ONE PATCH ? ( Ok , let's take the time from the 5.3 to the 5.6 )

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