5.5 news : New instances Enchantments Probabilities of enchantments Medals Stats after the +16 enchantment Manastones and Godstones The bonus of Idians The slots of Estima High Daeva Skills

            Hello guys , I'm back ,I couldn't update any video . I had one really hard week , no time to play , i'm getting bored and I even don't enjoy playing like before with my group , there's no more fun, people are angry , and the game are boring , anyway again with some news about the 5.5 - The last time we takes one look about the new skills of the 5.5 .
I gave my opinion and compared them with the non upgraded skills , this time I'm gonna try to be quick ( I'm not gonna mention every thing , just the most important things ) and gonna be about it's :

New instances
Probabilities of enchantments
Stats after the +16 enchantment
Manastones and Godstones
The bonus of Idians
The slots of Estima
High Daeva Skills

 So let's start :)


As usually with every Aion's update , The PvE are ahead.
--We have 2 new PvE instance

Name : Нараккари ( Narakari )
Entries : 4
Reset : Weekly
Level : > 66
Members group : 6

Entries : 4
Reset : Weekly
Level : > 66
Number players : 6
and Источник знаний ( Source of knowledge / Essense of knowlelge )

--The PvP one :
Каньон Нибарам ( Canon of Nibapam / Windy Gorge )
Level : > 66
Number players : Minimum 24 , maximum 96

Enchantments, Probabilities of enchantments

-Probabilities of enchantments gonna be upgraded , at the least in Ruoff ( something about 5% for the premium users ) . The probability to upgrade mythical items with Omega Enchantment Stone also has been increased .
-Mighty Supplements (Mythical)   + the Omega Enchantment Stone gonna be 100% 
-The probability of breakthrough enchanting has also been increased .
-Shining Enchantment Stone has been added. 
-1,000 Enchantment Stone Dust can be assembled into a Shining Stone with a low probability.
-Omega Enchantment Stone > Shining Stone > Enchanting Stone 


Medals '' ¨Petri '' ( петры ) has been added .
- Instead of Silver/Gold/Platinum/Mithril/Ceranium Medals, you will now receive Medals Petri
- Silver/Gold/Platinum/Mithril/Ceranium Medals in players possession can be disassembled into Medals petri
- Rewards, quest compensations, item sales have been changed according to the Medal changes.

Stats after the +16 enchantment

Additional stats gonna be added , as PvP defence and PvP attack .

Manastones and Godstones

The way you are given back socketed Manastones and Godstones in a case of enchanting failure of High Daeva items has been changed.
- In a case of general enchanting failure, socketed Godstones, and Manastone will be returned to you with a certain probability.
- In a case of breakthrough enchanting failure, the socketed Godstone will always be returned to you, and socketed Manastones will be returned with a certain probability.

The bonus of idians

- Idians can no longer be purchased from general stores and Blood Medal merchants.
- Crafts will now produce new Idians.
- Idian designs will no longer be sold.
- Idian designs have been changed to discardable items.
- Instead of existing Idians, you will now receive new Idians.

The slots of Estima

Additional slots has been added 
Estima +10 give 17 points
6 estima +10 = 17 x 6 = 102 points

High Daeva Skills

Now it's possible to upgrade them to +8 instead of +5 

More information in the video : 

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